Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Product Review - Purina® Duck Feed Pellets

I needed to find a better feed for my ducks and geese as their bills and feet just didn't look the bright orange as they should be. Also my ducks were old enough to lay but just wasn't laying yet with not a molt in sight.

As I was working I notice someone ordered in some Purina® Duck Feed Pellets in. So that got me wondering I read the bag and it has the vitamin niacin in it that waterfowl should have as part as their diet. I was feed them layer feed with scratch grain mix but it just wasn't supporting them like this feed does.

The Geese just love it they recognize the bag and come running, the also found it in the brooder barn and help themselves to my dismay. Their feathers are all coming in nicely and they look so much better since I switched so I have to give this feed a 5 Star in my review and highly recommend it. The price does vary were you get it and you might even have to order it threw your local TSC store with the order of 5 minimum bags but if you want health waterfowl sure is a worthy investment.


Features & Benefits

19% protein
Specific protein levels to support duck growth and energy demands

Unique and complete formula
Balanced formula with all the specific nutrients ducklings need to grow and adult ducks need to maintain proper health

Includes at least 65 ppm (mg/kg) niacin to meet ducklings’ higher niacin requirements for bone growth and development, specifically in their legs

Prebiotics and probiotics
Supports immune and digestive health

Convenient sizes 

5 lb. small pack and 40 lb. bag


Nutrient Min / MaxAmount
Crude Protein MIN19.00 %
Crude Fat       MIN2.30 %
Crude Fiber   MAX5.00 %
Calcium (Ca) MIN0.75 %
Calcium (Ca) MAX1.25 %

Feeding Directions

Best Results
Purina® Duck Feed Pellets should be offered continuously as the sole diet to ducks starting at hatch and continuing for their entire life.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Local Swap Featured In Front Page

In 2018 a small chicken chat group " Chicken Horders" consisting of 4 woman Dawn, Barb, Sonya and myself and 1 man Gary was talking about how we would like to have a swap around the southern part of michigan as we just wasnt getting what our birds were worth at the local livestock auction and all the swap that were in Michigan was a ways away, So after Gary went in to the local Tractor supply in Dundee and talk to the manager about having a swap and got the consent, Just need some one to set it up and that when I step in and set up for the following month in of June... So with some short adverting it was a big hit and brought in alot of vendors and costumers.  To the point that one of the vendors wanted to set one up in Ann Arbor Tractor Supply and Again that was another big hit. We had our last one in 2018 in October so the vendors/Farmers could get rid of anything before winter SUCCESS. So as 2019 Vanessa with Mother Cluckerz took over the swaps in Ann Arbor which started in April and continues into November the last Saturday of every month, I Stacy still heads the Dundee that started in May and continues into October with my co host Vanessa, since I work alot of hours for Dundee Tsc need a little help. The swaps are growing with vendors and customers as the word gets out and the news continue to spread. Our first year we did have problems with people selling sick animals and we continue to weed them out and do our rounds as we sign people in. We want the best for our swaps and dont want no one to have any bad experience when buying a animal from our swaps. I am hoping with the years to come to someday, between the swaps our little farm will be a profitable and I can just do what I have always want to do is just stay home and farm. Which when some one buys from any vendors of the swaps help a me and all the small time farms. in conclusion support that small time farm, small handmade business you never know what expense they have that you are helping and you get a great animal, family pet or a handmade gift.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Our New Logo Progress

I have been search long and hard for a free lancer to design our farm logo, something not to girly because of my husband and boys. I contacted a lot of them on etsy with only one getting back to me in a decent time. I told him what I want and sent pictures of the animal I want on it.  I am truly happy what he did for me and I would highly recommend him. This is his name on etsy FrontierFreelance
Rough Draft Sent


Finish Products

Saturday, June 1, 2019

2020 Livestock List


Large Fowl
(I currently have all these as chicks for breeding next year)
Light Brahmas
Dark Brahmas
Buff Brahmas
Buff Lace Brahmas
Silver Lace Brahmas
Gold Lace Brahmas
Lavender, Blue & Splash Brahmas
Partridge Brahmas

Blue D'anvers


Assorted Colors




Sebastopols (White, Gray, Gray Saddleback)


Regal Red


English Angora
French Angora



If you would like to get on the free no deposit waiting list for next year send me a message threw email vanbuskirkfarm2007@gmail.com or our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vanbuskirkfarmllc/

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Live on a farm, have bare wood floors!

Shop-Vac 4-Gallon 5.5-HP Shop Vacuum

We have 5 dogs 3 teenage boys living in a small house plus we run a small farm where every dirt and etc comes in on the shoes/boots and bare feet. No matter how much we swept/vacuum we could not get every dust, hair and what else was brought in. So after going destroying not 1 not 2 but 5 vacuums new ones mind you we decide are best vacuum for a farm house is a small shop 4 gallon shop vac and guess what it work the powerful motor compared to the regular vacuums picks up the dirt, grim and other nastiness that makes their adventure in the house.  5 stars from this farm mom.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Duck Run Progress

Cleaning up the old chicken run from 2007

Cleaning up the mess
Putting in the poles and running the fencing 

Still have to build the duck coop and put in the gate, I am going to replace the on corner tpost with a wood post so I can run a board to the gate post to add sturdiness to the gate.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What A SHAME!!

I purchased some wyandottes threw a breeder before I changed my mind. She shipped them out yesterday and I got a phone call from the post office that they were in and that they can see at least one dead in the box, I went and got them and as she was bring the box out you could smell it yep death and the boxed looked like it had a rough trip. Besides being smashed and you can tell it was flipped around because the heat packs was on top of the majority of chicks.

I dont believe this happen at the post office I believed it was done at the sorting facilities. Out of all my years of ordering chicks this is the second occurrence. Some of their workers just dont care and it seemed they will get handled better since the cost of shipping live birds went up. 9 out of 20 survived and the breeder is refunding me back for the 11 and filing a claim. All this happen overnight.
Inside the Box

Inside The Box

The Survivors of 20