Tuesday, February 19, 2019

New Read -- The Woman Hobby Farmer by Karen Lanier

The Woman Hobby Farmer

Hobby farming is alive and thriving in semi-rural, suburban, and rural areas across the country, and female farmers have been cited as the fastest growing sector within the farming community in recent years. With more than 1 million women in the United States and Canada describing farming as their primary source of income, and many more for whom hobby farming is just that—a hobby—the time is right for a publication dedicated to hobby farming from a female perspective. Written for women, by a woman, this insightful volume is packed with stories and advice from women hobby farmers and looks at female-specific farming challenges as well as issues that all farmers face.

Inside The Woman Hobby Farmer:

•Discussions on the who, what, why, and where of hobby farming

•Deciding on your farming goals and making a plan

•What to expect in your new endeavor

•How to decide what to plant and prepare your planting sites

•Advice on feeding, caring for, and housing different types of livestock

•A look at “agripreneurship”—running and marketing your hobby farm as a successful business

•Stories, quotes, and advice from successful female hobby farmers

As a woman hobby farmer this book caught my eye at work(TSC) on clearance. So the price was right and I was think why not. I notice they have questions in every chapter to help you evaluate what you want out of you farm and how you going to get there. So since I am not really good at blogging I figured I will read each chapter and when it comes to the questions I will put the questions and answer them on here. As some sort of little farmer blog dairy. So lets get started !!!!

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