Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What A SHAME!!

I purchased some wyandottes threw a breeder before I changed my mind. She shipped them out yesterday and I got a phone call from the post office that they were in and that they can see at least one dead in the box, I went and got them and as she was bring the box out you could smell it yep death and the boxed looked like it had a rough trip. Besides being smashed and you can tell it was flipped around because the heat packs was on top of the majority of chicks.

I dont believe this happen at the post office I believed it was done at the sorting facilities. Out of all my years of ordering chicks this is the second occurrence. Some of their workers just dont care and it seemed they will get handled better since the cost of shipping live birds went up. 9 out of 20 survived and the breeder is refunding me back for the 11 and filing a claim. All this happen overnight.
Inside the Box

Inside The Box

The Survivors of 20 

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