Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Product Review - Purina® Duck Feed Pellets

I needed to find a better feed for my ducks and geese as their bills and feet just didn't look the bright orange as they should be. Also my ducks were old enough to lay but just wasn't laying yet with not a molt in sight.

As I was working I notice someone ordered in some Purina® Duck Feed Pellets in. So that got me wondering I read the bag and it has the vitamin niacin in it that waterfowl should have as part as their diet. I was feed them layer feed with scratch grain mix but it just wasn't supporting them like this feed does.

The Geese just love it they recognize the bag and come running, the also found it in the brooder barn and help themselves to my dismay. Their feathers are all coming in nicely and they look so much better since I switched so I have to give this feed a 5 Star in my review and highly recommend it. The price does vary were you get it and you might even have to order it threw your local TSC store with the order of 5 minimum bags but if you want health waterfowl sure is a worthy investment.


Features & Benefits

19% protein
Specific protein levels to support duck growth and energy demands

Unique and complete formula
Balanced formula with all the specific nutrients ducklings need to grow and adult ducks need to maintain proper health

Includes at least 65 ppm (mg/kg) niacin to meet ducklings’ higher niacin requirements for bone growth and development, specifically in their legs

Prebiotics and probiotics
Supports immune and digestive health

Convenient sizes 

5 lb. small pack and 40 lb. bag


Nutrient Min / MaxAmount
Crude Protein MIN19.00 %
Crude Fat       MIN2.30 %
Crude Fiber   MAX5.00 %
Calcium (Ca) MIN0.75 %
Calcium (Ca) MAX1.25 %

Feeding Directions

Best Results
Purina® Duck Feed Pellets should be offered continuously as the sole diet to ducks starting at hatch and continuing for their entire life.

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