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VanBuskirk Farm is small hobby farm between Britton & Milan, Michigan with big dreams to become a self - sustaining farm. It started in 2002 when we up and move from the town of Tecumseh, Mi to a 4 1/2 acres with a house on the outskirts of Britton,Mi.

We are dedicated to preserving the brahma breed of large fowl chicken. Brahma were developed in the United States.They are dual purpose birds and are used for egg production and meat.  They are cold-hardy, which makes them an ideal bird for Michigan growers.  The  Brahma is a slow growing bird and will reach full maturity at about ten months of age.  They will produce light brown eggs and offspring before that, though.

We breed Large Fowl- Light Brahma, Dark Brahma, Buff Brahma, Buff Lace Brahma, Gold Laced Brahmas and Silver Laced Brahma. Our birds display Brahma color, type and temperament. They are a great family friendly breed.

Our birds are raised humanely and never in conditions that force the hens to lay until they are spent. Our eggs are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and essential fatty acids than store-bought eggs, thanks to their heritage origins and the healthy conditions in which our chickens live.

Our chief business is custom hatching: we take orders for specific breeds of chicks, then hatch to order. This way, we do not mass-produce chicks that have no destined home. We always hatch extras with our custom orders, to ensure that we meet each order.

We also make handmade gifts and sell them in our shop tab, to help expand the plans of a onsite gift store, green house and help with the expenses for the animals.

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