Wait List Policy

We offer a free monthly wait list as a courtesy to our patrons. No down payments or deposits are required to be on the wait list.

Wait listed orders will be contacted first as hatches occur and orders are ready to be filled.

Wait listed customers have first dibs as they become available or to pass and wait until next hatch date.

Scheduling pickups within 72 hrs or 3 days of availability is required commitment once order is accepted.

If repeat cancellations of pickup occur we retain the right to relist the order at our convenience. There is always next hatch so if you cannot pickup within a timely manner we can postpone until a later hatch date.

Please be kind, patient and courteous as the wait list is a free service. We try to never count our eggs before they hatch as its bad luck and things happen. We feel the best way to service our customers is to not take deposits or payments prior to hatch but to instead keep a free monthly wait list and fill orders as they become available.

Please keep in mind although we do give out expected hatch dates we make no promises of outcomes as hatching is a unpredictable process. But if you opt to be on our FREE wait list you will get first dibs before we list them on the page as available.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM me for further inquiry.

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